your full-cycle sales solution – from lead to close


Pillar Sales is a full-cycle sales & marketing resource for SaaS & tech SMBs . Our value propositions come down to experience, assets, and process.

Customers & Markets

Commercial & Enterprise technology, especially in industrial applications – SaaS ● Finance ● Telecom ● Distribution & manufacturing ● Construction ● Human capital mgmt. ● Energy ● Health care ● Transportation ● Cyber security

Our Team

Backgrounds in technical/engineering sales, operations, project management. Experience working in all company sizes, ranging from small startups & recent IPOs, to Fortune 500s.

Assets & Partnerships

SMBs dont have all the internal sales resources, we do – Experienced closers ● Market analysis ● Go‐to‐market & sales strategy consulting ● Lead generation & data analytics ● Marketing & sales process automation ● Reseller channels & distribution networks ● Web & app design & development

The Pillar Process

Onboarding, integration, and execution phases take between 30 and 45 days from the time of closing to get you more wins faster.

Why us

The answer to ​ WHY outsource sales depends on ​ WHO you are.
A custom full-cycle sales solution.

Pillar Sales is a full-cycle sales and marketing outsourcing company delivering customizable turnkey solutions for pre-sales to close. Pillar Sales leverages its assets and partnerships on behalf of risk averse clients seeking to maximize attention on building product not selling it. With notable exceptions, Pillar Sales closes business for funded SaaS and tech SMBs.

  • Companies experiencing expanding demand, but with understaffed or ill-equipped sales departments, need support from experienced sales people and a scalable process. A company might have a strong sales department but simply wants more sales. Our performance based pricing option and onboarding processes offer easy mechanisms for scaling.

  • Selling comes down to product, pricing, and packaging. Every launch starts with a comprehensive audit and market analysisto establish target markets, customer archetypes, and title-paths, develop messaging, scripts, and templates.

  • Additional support is to be desired for companies experiencing stagnating sales. Potentially, Pillar Sales needs to evaluate the sales process to improve sales and hit KPIs.

  • Companies working a regionalized book of business or seeking to expand beyond state or country boundaries will benefit from an experienced inside & outside sales force with connections globally.


Our founding team boasts a diverse set of sales, marketing, and technical backgrounds in a vast range of verticals.

Dillon Stanger B.Eng.

Dillon’s experience is in manufacturing & distribution sales with a formal engineering background in process & manufacturing environments. Dillon engages as the point-of-contact between Pillar Sales and the client company, facilitating the onboarding process.

Evan Rabin

SVP of Sales
Evan has executed the entire sales cycle from lead generation to closing $2M+ of pipeline. Evan optimizes the sales process, supercharging the sales engine which results in the most wins for our clients. Evan manages the sales execution phase.

Jonathan Lanzkron

Jon has a background in retail sales, customer service, and construction management. His proven ability to target inefficiencies in organizational structures makes him the ideal operational head of Pillar Sales.

Zachary Chertok

Director of Marketing
For 7 years, Zach has worked on the investor, developer, end-user, and analyst sides of the technology sector with specialization in business intelligence, analytics, and human capital management. Zach effectively positions client products to optimize sales effectiveness.


Julia Khazan

Brand Ambassador
Julia Khazan has a background in inbound marketing for SMBs. She held roles in business development and customer success management, overseeing the entire sales funnel. She excels at effectively converting leads into customers via effective lead gen & exceptional client relations.

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