Pillar Sales – Full-Cycle B2B Sales Outsourcing ● Scale Your SaaS / Blockchain Startup Sales Departments


Scale your sales department

The in-house sales department at Pillar Sales generates leads, qualifies opportunities, and closes deals domestically and internationally.
Go to Generate


Streamline pipeline generation with vertical-specific marketing, AI-enabled data acquisition, and sales process automation.

Go to Qualify


Pillar Sales reps can qualify inbound leads or follow up after demos to convert an SQL to a signed contract.

Go to Close


Our top performers, sales engineers, and account managers can demo your product, negotiate contracts, and close business — and then support and upsell the client post-sale.


Go to Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

Close SaaS software deals domestically and internationally.

Go to Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech

Validate market fit, establish marquee accounts, acquire early adopters, and sell nascent technologies: IoT, AR/VR, AI, & others.

Go to Foreign Markets

Foreign Markets

Sell internationally through our global channel partners: US, Canada, Europe, South America, Israel, India, SE Asia, Saudi Arabia, and others.


Go to Fundraising


Acquire funding from governmental and nonprofit agencies for initiatives or product development in multiple industries. Our staff has had experience in raising +$10mm USD.

Go to Product Development

Product Development

Pillar’s R&D department facilitates R&D design via technology readiness methodology, executes licensing approval, conducts production readiness assessment, and then audits commercial feasibility. Go-to-market is executed by Pillar’s sales department.

Go to Procurement


Pillar Sales procures & brokers product & services for IT, software, and operations projects and their owners.


Go to Sales Process

Sales Process

Our sales executives and market analysts can establish and optimize your sales process to increase qualified lead volume, boost at-bats, reduce sales cycle times, increase contract values, & generate more pipeline.

Go to Data Audit

Data Audit

“Know thy customer:” Optimize sales activities by sourcing better data and clustering data sets to provide actionable insights for your executive team. Our audits are conducted by a market analyst, data scientist, and machine learning expert with experience working with Coca-Cola, Merck, HP, and other Fortune 500s.

Go to Manufacturing Sales Management

Manufacturing Sales Management

Establish distribution networks and direct sales channels for manufactured product. Acquire and manage manufacturing reps, resellers, VARs, and distributors.


Why us

The answer to​ why hire Pillar Sales depends on ​WHO you are.
Your custom full-cycle sales solution.

Pillar Sales is a full-cycle sales and marketing outsourcing company delivering customizable turnkey solutions for pre-sales to close. Pillar leverages a technologically-driven sales methodology with international partnerships to sell on behalf of risk averse clients seeking to maximize attention on building product not selling it. With notable exceptions, Pillar closes business for funded technology companies.

  • Companies experiencing expanding demand, but with understaffed or ill-equipped sales departments, need support from experienced sales people and a scalable process. A company might have a strong sales department but simply wants more sales. Our performance based pricing option and onboarding processes offer easy mechanisms for scaling.

  • Selling comes down to product, pricing, and packaging. Every launch starts with a comprehensive audit and market analysis to establish target markets, customer archetypes, title-paths, and proper messaging.

  • Additional support is to be desired for companies experiencing stagnating sales. Potentially, Pillar Sales needs to evaluate the sales process to improve sales and hit KPIs.

  • Companies working a regionalized book of business or seeking to expand beyond state or country boundaries will benefit from an experienced inside & outside sales force with connections globally.


Pillar Sales manages an in-house sales team and is aligned with experienced advisors. The executive team comprises of high performers in multiple industries.

Dillon Stanger, B.Eng

CEO and Cofounder
Dillon is a sales technologist with an enterprise sales and engineering background. Dillon leads client acquisition, manages client onboarding, and spearheads Pillar’s innovation efforts.

Jonathan Lanzkron

COO and Cofounder
Jon’s proven ability to target inefficiencies in organizational structures makes him the ideal operational head of Pillar Sales. Jon optimizes the sales process on the backend by scaling Pillar’s human capital.

Antonio Galan, Ph. D.

Director of R&D and Procurement
Antonio has over 15 years experience in fundraising, R&D, and procurement. Antonio had raised +$10mm USD for various projects through federal and nonprofit sources, has managed multi-million dollar R&D budgets, and has saved organizations millions of dollars in procurement costs.

Jessie McLaren

Marketing Director
Jessie has 15 years of working key roles in marketing and advertising for Sprint, Citigroup, Atlantic Development Group LLC, Goodwin Proctor, Publicis Bloom, & Rapp Collins Worldwide. Jessie builds customer avatars and profiles, and facilitates pull-through by offering low-commitment Initial offers.

Peter Cooper

Vice President of Sales
Pete was one of the top 1% performing rep out of 350 at a Marketing Automation SaaS company before transitioning to Pillar Sales where he optimizes sales processes.

Mohit Gautami

Assistant Vice President of Sales
Mohit has a background financial analysis and manages client acquisition in Asia-Pac.

Lorenzo Gonzales

Account Executive
10 years of Business Development, Consultative Selling & Relationship Management expertise. Experience with and robust connections to the Health & Fitness, Commercial Real Estate Taxation & Finance, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Cannabis Industries.

James Proctor

Account Executive


Roy Daya, MBA

Applied Machine Learning Expert
Roy is a machine and deep learning expert who has worked with Coca-Cola, HP, Intel, Merck & many other Fortune 500s in the last decade. Roy advises enterprises in a wide array of verticals regarding sales and distribution strategy, business process & KPI development, AI & predictive modeling.

Zachary Chertok

Market Analyst
For 7 years, Zach has worked on the investor, developer, end-user, and analyst sides of the technology sector. For Pillar, Zach outlines key business strategies and effectively positions customer products to the right market segments for optimized sales effectiveness.

Garrett Arnold

Enterprise Sales
Garrett’s +10yr professional experience spans leadership consulting, technology sales, entrepreneurial advising, & IR. Among his many accomplishments: award winning Director @ Gartner, Regional Manager @ Tenfold (Andreesen Horowitz backed), & is a Council Member @ GLG.


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