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HighKey Sugar Free Candy Coated Chocolates - 8oz Keto Chocolate Pearls Low Carb Snack, Diabetic Snacks, Healthy Desserts Diet Friendly Food, No Sugar Added Treats

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  • Sugar free and diabetic snacks: Our diabetic friendly sugar free Candy Coated Chocolate Pearls contain no added sugar and are made with natural sugar substitutes that won’t spike blood sugar levels. These low bariatric impact dark chocolate make an ideal diabetic dessert with zero sugar and no sugar added. These words: sugar free snacks, diabetic candy, zero sugar, zero sugar added, zero sugar snacks, diabetic foods, sugar free dessert, low sugar candy, low sugar snacks all describe this candy.
  • Low carb and keto snack: These HighKey low carb snacks are made with only 1g of net carbs, so you can enjoy your favorite sweets while on keto. Keto food, keto snacks, keto friendly food, keto candy, keto snacks zero carb no sugar, keto chocolate; you name it, we got it! This semisweet healthy chocolate is a great keto dessert and low carb food. Zero carbs, no carbs, 0 carb snacks, no carb snacks, keto treat, keto friendly desserts, low carb dessert, and keto chocolate all describe this product.
  • Gluten free and grain free: This gluten free chocolate candy is a delicious alternative to store bought candy and keto chocolate that have gluten and grain. These gluten free desserts are the perfect gluten free snack for adults and kids alike. Enjoy as a keto ice cream topping, sugar free trail mix add-in, and on the go snack! Because these candy coated chocolates resist melting in the heat, they make great hiking snacks and to go snacks. Enjoy on the go wherever you are!
  • Vegan chocolate candy: Unlike regular store bought chocolate candy, our vegan chocolate candy pieces have no dairy or animal products. The best dairy free dark chocolate around, this product is perfect for vegans and vegetarians alike. Vegan snacks, vegan desserts, vegan treats, vegan food, and vegan keto snacks are all good words to describe our product. No artificial colors and no aritifical flavors in this product, made with natural flavors and colorings for your benefit.
  • Dark chocolate candy pieces: Enjoy candy coated pieces filled with rich, dark chocolate without the added sugar and carbs. Made with real unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter and sweetened with erythritol and stevia. This high fiber candy is made with clean ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors. These sweet treats contain no titanuim dioxide or maltitol, unlike the competition, and are a healthy snack, healthy sweet, healthy candy, and healthy chocolate candies.