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The Original’ Energy Bar for Endurance & Team Sports Athletes – Fueling Champions for 30+ years: 25 x 55g Bars - Chocolate

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PowerBar Energize Original Bars - Sharpen your competitive edge with scientifically developed PowerBar Energize energy bars. Each comes packed with the C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix to fuel high intensity workouts, marathons, competitive sports and endurance running, Energize Bars are developed for rapid absorption and transport of energy to working muscles, ensuring your body gets the nutrients it needs to maintain energy levels during workouts and competitions. Give yourself the edge that champions have been fueling with for 30+ years. - Perfect Nutrition Mix - Scientifically formulated to deliver a 2:1 ratio of fast-energy glucose and fructose, the power-boost Energize bar delivers up to 50% more energy to working muscles and has been shown to improve endurance performance by 8% when compared to glucose alone. The C2MAX carb mix is enhanced with the sodium your body craves during intense workouts, to fuel you and replenish your electrolytes to help improve speed and power. Energize Bars are also a good source of magnesium which is essential for energy metabolism and muscle function. - Refreshing On-the-Go Energy - These great tasting sports bars are available in 3 different flavors: - Chocolate, - Cookies & Cream, - Berry. PowerBar Energize Bars come in a pack of 25 bars (single flavor) or variety pack of 12 bars (4 bars of each flavor). Take 1 to 2 PowerBar Energize bars with water per hour of training or racing or mix and match PowerGel Original, Hydro or Shots and PowerBar Isoactive Drink Mix to reach your carb intake needs. - Athlete’s Choice Since 1986! - PowerBar’s expertise in sports nutrition builds on 30+ years of experience. Since 1986, we have been developing products by athletes, for athletes. By using only the high quality ingredients, we supply everybody from elite athletes to amateur sports enthusiasts with the right fuel at the right time.