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This Saves Lives Kids Chewy Granola Bars, Beehive Jive Oats and Honey 15 Pack, Gluten Free Snack Bars, Healthy Snacks for Kids, Individually Wrapped, Nut Free, Non GMO, Kosher, 0.88oz Bars

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At This Saves Lives, we make delicious, non-GMO, gluten-free snack bars. Every time you make a purchase you send life-saving food to a child in need. Buy a Bar. Feed a Child. Enjoy the ridiculously delicious, feel-good flavor. Our granola bars are crafted with high-quality, premium ingredients to give you a bar that’s good for you and tastes great too. We’re proud to offer kids snack bars that are non-GMO, gluten-free, fair trade, dairy-free, bee-friendly, kosher, AND packed with great taste. These are the perfect bars for adults & kids of all ages. Grab your favorite flavor or a variety pack to try them all! Help us make an impact in communities all around the world: one bar at a time. BUY A BAR. FEED A CHILD. WE EAT TOGETHER.

  • DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS: Buzz your child’s hunger away as they dive into the taste of sweet honey and oats! These ridiculously delicious bars are made with real ingredients like whole grain oats, honey, kale and raspberries. Only 5g of sugar & 100 calories per bar! Each bar you buy helps provide a nutritional meal to your child and another child in need.
  • THE BEST TRAVEL COMPANIONS: This is the perfect bar for on-the-go breakfast bars, snack bars, and travel snacks for you and your little one! Fuel your child’s body with high-quality ingredients while you’re both on the move.
  • SUSTAINABLE FOOD AND SCHOOL SAFE: These kid’s snacks are tree nut and peanut-free, school safe, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Kosher; we are responsibly sourced and made in the USA These individually wrapped bars are great gluten-free snacks for your lunch box and on the go.
  • IRRESISTABLE AND HEALTHY KID’S SNACKS: Looking for a healthy snack your kid will crave? Each This Bar Saves Lives granola bar for kids is sneakily packed with a full serving of fruit and vegetables. (Trust us, they won’t taste them!)
  • BUY A BAR SAVE A LIFE: Co-Founded by actors Kristin Bell, Todd Grinnel, Ravi Patel, and Ryan Deblin to help kids all over the world. Enjoy our healthy snacks and know that every bar helps make an impact all around the world. We Eat Together.