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uBoxes Medium Bubble Cushioning Roll 48" Wide x 100 ft - Medium Bubbles 5/16"

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Medium Bubble cushioning 5/16" X 1" Wide Bubbles for packing boxes 100' X 48" Bubble roll perforated every 12" For ease in preparation of packing Made of clear polyethylene for strong puncture resistant protection Keep on hand for many uses around the home or office use as insulation during winter for pipes, windshields, and greenhouses

  • Use medium bubble roll to wrap frames, artwork, dishes, and fragile collectibles
  • Medium bubble wrap can be used in the garden to protect plants or wrap tools to keep hands from blistering
  • Medium bubble cushioning wrap tears every 12" for easy handling and wrapping with tape to secure the ends
  • Bubble materials may be used again for economical packing and shipping
  • Bubble rolls and bubble pouches come in varying sizes, widths, and lengths depending on requirements